An idea born in the Indian jungle

Why and how to plant3trees

Find a place to plant3trees and then ask a friend to do the same and by doing so you will make a trail of trees that amounts to a large forest.

Tree canopy

It is not only national parks that need protecting, but neighbouring forests too.

If we need wood we must grow it, and leave our important native forests protected.

The continuous erosion could lead to floods, desert and famine, and if we do nothing to change it, it will be the fault of us all.


We are simply one species supported by thousands of others. Nothing can exist by itself. By taking care we can maintain the existence of all living things.

Hand with leaf

You can plant your trees from seed, saplings, or potted specimen trees.

Native local trees are best for the environment whenever possible.

Forest landscape

Nature knows how and when to grow things, so take nature’s advice.

Take time to have a closer look and discover for yourself how things grow.

Every species has a niche where it will grow best; find that niche and you have a healthy species.

If you do not have a place to plant3trees, please find someone who does and ask them to help you achieve this.

Watering can and hoe

Planting trees needn’t cost much.

Planting from seeds you have collected, using recycled containers and soil you have dug out of the ground, should cost absolutely nothing. Buying a sapling can cost the price of a cup of tea. Larger trees, depending on size and type, can cost the price of a meal.

Planting trees

You could grow 36 trees from seed in an area as small as one square metre. You’ll need to find a place to plant them out by the time the saplings become a metre tall.

3 rows of nursery seeds

Planting local seeds is good environmentally as it reduces the problem of unwanted pests and diseases that can be brought in on imported plants.


When local fruits are ripe and falling, so are seeds. Gather and plant them.

First find your container to grow them in – make sure it is large enough to put an adult hand inside so you know it is big enough to contain the growing roots. A hole at the base is essential, to stop the plant from rotting. See-through plastic containers are not ideal as they let in light which the roots don’t like. Black plastic is better, or try recycling a fruit juice carton.

3 trees being planted in cartons

Take the carton, cut off the top and make small drainage holes in the base. Fill with earth and then gently water. Place the seed on top and sprinkle lightly with loose soil just covering the seed. Keep soil damp but try not to drown it.

Once you have planted them, keep them watered and watch them grow. Before they reach a metre tall, find a place where you can plant them out in the ground.

Tree planting

When planting trees in the ground make sure you are putting them in an area where they have room to grow into mature trees.

Dig a hole twice the size as the root ball, removing large stones so the roots have space to expand. Plant your tree so that the top of the root ball is at same level as the surrounding soil. You can also dig a very shallow dish shape around the plant to contain water and stop any run off, so you know the plant will be getting the water it needs to grow.

Watering young trees

Most trees need water just the same as we all do. When you plant your trees water them immediately. This not only maintains their growth but will bond them to their new environment.

Find out what your trees like and give them the conditions they need to grow before you plant them.

3 Trees

Thank you for thinking of planting 3 trees.