An idea born in the Indian jungle

Sharing your plant3trees stories

Please contact to share your own photos and stories of planting 3 trees, to show how easy it can be – and many thanks for planting them.

Broadcasted message of plant3trees

plant3tress appears on Indian TV News

Locals encouraged to see importance of replacing trees

Gurjar tribes plant trees and set up nurseries to replace lost trees

At Chila Gate in Rajaji National Park

Kachnar trees protected from local cow partial to their leaves

Getting future generations on board

Education is fundamentally important to inspire protection of our environment

Eco tourism at Jim’s Jungle Retreat

plant3trees educational sign put up at Jim’s Jungle Retreat

The Forest Lodge in buffer zone of Rajaji National Park

Tourist business commits to planting 1000 trees

First businessman to help plant3trees

Donation of polybags to use to plant out seeds

plant3trees tree nursery set up

Farmer gives land to establish tree nursery

Meeting with the Forest Research Institute

Where research and education has developed for over a hundred years

Planting my first 3 trees in India at Ranthambhore Bagh

The idea of plant3trees was established in India on the 26th January 2013