An idea born in the Indian jungle

Eco tourism at Jim’s Jungle Retreat

Jim’s Jungle Retreat ( is a eco-conscious lodge on the southern periphery of Corbett National Park. They give tours of Corbett, excellent lectures and film shows, raising awareness of some of the key ecological challenges of national parks and wildlife conservation.

They have offered to include plant3trees in their talks and one of my signs was placed beside their nursery, which they had already established. I would like to say a warm thanks especially to my good friends Ravi and Rehman, seen here with me by the sign, whose boundless passion and commitment for plant3trees has been invaluable. We also share a great love for Corbett National Park.

My wife found Jim’s Jungle Retreat as a perfect place for us to stay when visiting Corbett with our children in 2012 and we made many friends among the staff. I went back again this year and received another very warm welcome. They have been incredibly helpful and supportive to me in so many ways, and I look forward to our relationship blossoming still further.

Jim’s Jungle Retreat

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