An idea born in the Indian jungle

At Chila Gate in Rajaji National Park

At Rajaji National Park, my friends Viru, Istiyak and Gootam made up a sign to place outside Chila Gate, plus three cages to protect young trees from the local cow that enjoys eating kachnar leaves.

Chila Gatekachnar tree

I have planted three kachnar trees here and also at settlements where the Gurjar live. They blossom pink in great profusion in the Indian jungle during the months of March and April.

2 responses to “At Chila Gate in Rajaji National Park”

  1. Viru negi says:

    sahab ji viry Amizing to see oll these think, I shalut u to Love with Nature, U Give this viry most Impotant Massage for Every Indian who live in the land of Tiger.

    • John Carter says:

      Many thanks for your kind words, i will do my very best to pass on this message i think of you all at Chilla Gate and wonder how you all are and the Gujjar of course.
      I hope the nursrey plan is doing well and i hope a young dominant male will soon appear at Rajaji.

      Hope to see you next year. plant3trees john

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