An idea born in the Indian jungle

Find a place where you can plant3trees then ask a friend to do the same and by doing so you will be making a trail of trees that amount to a large forest.

The modern world won’t kill us but not caring might.

Trees are living giants that inhabit our world. They grow bigger and live longer than anything else found on land. They appear to defy gravity, standing on one leg balanced like a frozen dancer, their smaller branches like rustling hands wave at us, while their leaves gently sing an ancient song.

They were here before us and even before the dinosaurs and reptiles.

They evolved and gave us the rich diversity of life we enjoy today. Without trees, human civilisations could not have formed or existed as we know them.

We do not need to clear forests to make way for field crops. There is more than enough food to feed human populations; it’s a matter of how we distribute it.

Yet we simply do not have enough trees.

TigerWithin my father’s lifetime tigers could be found from the Caspian Sea to the east coast of Russia. Now there are only a few remaining places where wild tigers can still be found, and the forests where the tiger once lived have all but disappeared.

We must never lose hope. It’s always better to do something rather than nothing at all.

John Tramper, Plant3TreesEvery one of us has the ability to make a huge difference. Reforestation can help to save our wild forests and improve our environment.

Wherever you live, wherever you go, plant3trees.

My name is John.

Welcome to my website.

I hope you enjoy my stories, thoughts and photographs.

May they inspire you and the ones you care about to plant3trees.